Mergers and Acquisitions Support

Orcro has provided responsive support to businesses preparing for due diligence and undergoing an acquisition process, and can provide a seamless bridge between your development team and your lawyers. All of Orcro’s staff are either lawyers or technologists, and every one of us is used to working in a corporate law firm environment, and being an integral part of the deal negotiation and closing process.

As well as preparing your software assets for due diligence, we can, work with your own lawyers to help draft and negotiate Open Source warranties in the SPA and disclosure letter. On the flipside, we’re equally comfortable talking with your development team about DevOps, Maven, NPM, dependencies, Javascript obfuscation and Docker containers.

We’re team-oriented: we’re used to working alongside city and international law firms as part of the deal team.

We also understand the tight timescales and need for extreme responsiveness when you’re in the middle of a deal.

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