Andrew Katz

Unique combination of skills

Andrew’s unique skillset lies at the nexus of open source software compliance, and the legal framework which supports it on a global basis. In-house software developers and dev-ops often need support in the legal requirements of complex licence management processes. Andrew’s rare combination of skills and knowledge allows him to understand the issues, and provide effective compliance solutions based on both legal and technological best practice.

With 25 years’ experience as a Tech lawyer, combined with the development of a unique skillset in open source knowledge and experience, Andrew can offer clients a streamlined and effective solution to the challenges of cross-border open source compliance.

Meeting the needs of clients

In order to help clients meet the interlocking demands of open source specialism with legal expertise, Andrew established Orcro Limited in 2019. Orcro has in-house expertise in software engineering, open source community engagement, training, dev-ops, change management and business process analysis, enabling a fast, reliable, and, where possible, automated process for ensuring that new products are legally compliant – often across borders.

Andrew’s clients have included some of the world’s leading technology companies, ranging from major multi-nationals through to specialist start-ups across China and the Far East, North America, and Europe.

Involvement in world-leading industry bodies

Andrew has industry-leading knowledge of the latest developments in open source software compliance – and has even been instrumental in driving that framework forward on a global basis. Notable contributions amongst many include:

· drafting the widely-used Solderpad Open Hardware Licence (

· membership on the core legal team for drafting the CERN Open Hardware licence.

· heavy involvement in the Linux Foundation’s Open Chain project where he chairs the UK WorkGroup and the Education Workgroup

· selection to lead the Open Hardware section of the European Commission’s Impact Study on Open Source Software and Hardware.

Andrew has contributed to major publications on open source software development and compliance. He regularly talks and keynotes at conferences worldwide

Alex Murphy

Alex Murphy

Alex is a Compliance Engineer at Orcro, who uses Open-Source Software tools to automate legal compliance processes. He initially graduated as a Statistician before starting work as a Data Scientist in Oxford, United Kingdom. There, he used cutting edge AI frameworks and predictive models to advise on high-value business decisions for private clients. He recently undertook an MSc in Data Analytics, where his research interest was the homoiconic nature of programming languages, how code itself can be treated as data. Now at Orcro, he uses technologies such as the R programming language, and GNU/Linux system utilities to explore client codebases for compliance issues, to craft the documentation and processes necessary to comply with open source licences, and to help clients integrate compliance software into their toolchains.


Stephen Pollard

Experienced business leader and advisor on complex business change

Stephen’s skillset and experience are focussed on the leadership capabilities needed to put new data strategies into action.

The innovative use of data offers organisations significant new business opportunities but in order to gain maximum benefit from this innovation, companies need to tackle the challenges of organisational change. This often demands new capabilities in customer facing services, systems development, and asset operations – all of which need to be deliverable and sustainable. Stephen can advise clients in how to achieve these goals, and act as a partner in helping drive through change – whilst retaining the commitment of valued employees.

He has particular experience in the transformation of aviation, healthcare, energy, water and education services through:

· the adoption of new digital technologies

· improving the performance of people, organisations,

· the design of assets in the built environment.

· making improvements in major capital portfolio and programme delivery

· delivering operating model change and complex asset management.

Arteq of London – delivering complex business change

After a 13-year career with Arup, Stephen established Arteq Ltd in 2023.

Arteq’s expertise is focused on devising and embedding the leadership capabilities needed to put new data strategies into action. Stephen can advise clients on how to put strategy into action, how to build new capabilities whilst keeping the culture humane, on building trust and on working with complexity.


Stephen has been a management consultant for over 30 years. He was managing director of Arup’s UKIMEA consulting unit, and global practice leader for operational excellence. Stephen was also responsible for Arup’s consulting business in the UK which encompasses advisory, planning, digital, and advanced technology services, delivered by 2000 staff.

Stephen is an experienced speaker at conferences and training events.