Stephen Pollard

Experienced business leader

Experienced business leader and advisor on complex business change

Stephen’s skillset and experience are focussed on the leadership capabilities needed to put new data strategies into action.

The innovative use of data offers organisations significant new business opportunities but in order to gain maximum benefit from this innovation, companies need to tackle the challenges of organisational change. This often demands new capabilities in customer facing services, systems development, and asset operations – all of which need to be deliverable and sustainable. Stephen can advise clients in how to achieve these goals, and act as a partner in helping drive through change – whilst retaining the commitment of valued employees.

He has particular experience in the transformation of aviation, healthcare, energy, water and education services through:

· the adoption of new digital technologies

· improving the performance of people, organisations,

· the design of assets in the built environment.

· making improvements in major capital portfolio and programme delivery

· delivering operating model change and complex asset management.

Arteq of London – delivering complex business change

After a 13-year career with Arup, Stephen established Arteq Ltd in 2023.

Arteq’s expertise is focused on devising and embedding the leadership capabilities needed to put new data strategies into action. Stephen can advise clients on how to put strategy into action, how to build new capabilities whilst keeping the culture humane, on building trust and on working with complexity.


Stephen has been a management consultant for over 30 years. He was managing director of Arup’s UKIMEA consulting unit, and global practice leader for operational excellence. Stephen was also responsible for Arup’s consulting business in the UK which encompasses advisory, planning, digital, and advanced technology services, delivered by 2000 staff.

Stephen is an experienced speaker at conferences and training events.